Adapter Activation

To program a logger with ExpressThermo, you must activate your USB adapter through its license ID. This operation is done only once and as soon as it is activated, the adapter can be used with ExpressThermo on any computer or tablet. Note: To perform the activation, an Internet connection is required. In case you haven’t activated your adapter before, when you connect it, the following activation request will show.

  The license ID should have been supplied along with the USB adapter when you purchased it. In case you don’t have one, tap or click ‘Get one!‘ in the lower area of the window. You can buy a license ID using one of the following channels: Windows Store or Purchase Order.

Windows Store » Get your license ID using the payment method associated with your Microsoft account. The activation is performed immediately.
Purchase Order » Business users can send us a purchase order. Please include company data and contact person. You will receive a quote with payment instructions. license ID will be sent after payment confirmation.

At the end of this process, you’ll see a success message along with the license ID that you should keep for future reference. The license ID can be easily copied to the clipboard, using the closeby button.


Ignore Adapter

Alternatively, you can choose “Ignore Adapter” to continue working with the adapter without seeing this requests (except for programming tasks). You’ll be asked for confirmation.

  If you decide to activate the adapter, just go to the ‘Advanced‘ tab of the Settings page and remove it from the list.